Jody's Morris Memorabilia  

Jody dancing

Packet for Men's Morris trip to England, 1973

Photo of Pinewoods Morris Men, 1973

Photo of Jody singing with East Suffolk Morris Men, 1973

Village Voice article, December 1973

Photo gallery of Ring o' Bells first morris tour, Dec. 1974, NY, NY.

Brooklyn Heights Press dance article, March 1977

Letter and itinerary for Ring o' Bells 1979 England trip

Ring o' Bells log from 1979 England tour: part 1, pt 2, pt 3, pt 4.

Eastern Daily Press article, 6-27-1979

Eastern Daily Press article, 7-3-1979

Ring o' Bells "Bunjie Woman" award

Letter from Derby, England w/photos, Oct. 1979

Two letters from Hull, England w/photos, 1979

Note from Windsor, England, 1979

Postcards from Derbyshire morris team, 1979

Christmas card from Norfolk, England, 1979

Ring o' Bells 1980 repertoire

Ring o' Bells New Yorker article, September 1981

Assorted morris flyers

Assorted morris photos

Jody's button collection

Ring o' Bells Christmas card

Morris postage stamp

Photocopy of awesome Ring o' Bells photograph (wish I had the original!)









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