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  Ruth Christina has been writing on and off for over twenty years. Over that period she has accumulated a stash of short stories—two of which actually made it into print—plus two novels and an assortment of non-fiction projects, some serious, some not. What follows is a list of some of her more successful and/or promising projects.

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Oh, Sweet Goodnight!" appeared in the second volume of Esther Friesner's Chicks in Chainmail series in 1998.
When Fern takes up her sword and gets a position as guardswoman, the men in her life start envisioning her as their own, private dominatrix. Don't they understand a girl can still be tender under all that armor?

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"Scratch Ticket" was printed in a collection of cat stories in 2000 called Crafty Cat Crimes and put out by Barnes and Noble.
Jeanne's two cats may have been just another pair of mouths to feed, but they more than paid their way the evening a burglar broke in.


The Raven Coronet is one of two novels Christina has completed (the other's a co-write that still need more work melding the two writing styles). The Raven Coronet is published by Misenchanted Press and is available in both soft cover and e-book through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. A bit bawdy and a lot of fun, this unusual fantasy has sex, romance, magic and circuses!

Even the youngest child in the United Lands knew the legend of The Raven Coronet, the crown of charisma that had united the world under one ruler, but no one believed that it still existed.  Or almost no one.  Young Thaedra's difficult childhood turns into an even more trying womanhood when her stepfather marries her off as part of a scheme to obtain the mythical artifact.
    Slowly, reluctantly, the grown woman began to give in to the silent voices that insisted she must love Josnah.  Her shoulders drooped; her face went slack.
The Raven Coronet  
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  "No!" Thaedra cried aloud as she jerked her head back up to stare at her beleaguered husband, trapped there on his knees before Josnah.  It was Falmund she loved—and there was Josnah ready to kill him!

Ruth Christina's non-fiction book about dancing in the early days of Lowell, Massachusetts is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Twirling Jennies: A History of Social Dance (and other mischief) in the City of Spindles 1820–1920 has its own site here. (See Researcher for an explanation of how this book came about.)

There is also a book on hold about how to make a wedding gown. A mini-book on one aspect can be previewed by clicking HERE.

"Heirloom," a short story, is available for your enjoyment via the link to the upper left.


"A unique fantasy adventure—
I really enjoyed it!"
—Lawrence Watt-Evans
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