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Charming hearts and minds since 1970, that teaching titan, that captivating clip-art, that emoticon extraordinaire…
The Amazing Ananias  
ananias waving helloananias drinking teaananias dancing in the rainananias singing in the rain
blissful ananiasbored ananiaslovesick ananiascold ananiasdizzy ananias
famished ananiasfrolicking ananiashaughty ananiasananias clicking his heelsananias has an idea
laughing ananiasananias in love!cheering ananiasananias wondering why he has so few body parts!ananias under the mistletoe
ananias has monoeyecleosis!ananias stuck in the mudananias wants mailananias says "phooey!"ananias on a pogo stick
relieved ananiasscared ananiassick ananiassigning ananiassinging ananias
ananias doing the tangothoughtful ananiasananias standing on his headangry ananiaswindblown ananiassleepy ananias
gaping ananias
grumpy ananias
looney ananias
lovesick ananias
modest ananias
ananias with his marionette
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