These links are but a few of the sources available online for learning more about Lowell & dance history.
General Resources   Dance Resources   Performance Videos

UMass Center for Lowell History

Library of Congress —Great for images from the past.

National Park Service, Lowell

Lowell Historical Society Chronology

John Drury Rare Books —They were kind enough to supply the author with a scan from their copy of Wilson's Correct Method of Waltzing.

Downtown Walking Tour —Excerpted from the book, this guide lists dozens of Lowell sites where dancers once gathered.


Library of Congress Memory Project Ballroom Manuals

Library of Congress Memory Project Dance Video Directory

County Dance and Song Society of America

Une Histoire du Tango —If your French is up to snuff.

A Tale of Two Ballrooms More research related to the book.

Lowell' s 1914 Tango Trial Another chunk of related research.

Capering & Kickery —A blog covering a variety of aspects of dance history. The site also has a calendar of upcoming vintage dance events at which the site owner will be teaching.

Images of Pinewoods Camp —The lovely dance pavilion photo by Meyer Billmers can be found here in its full, online glory (image #10 in the gallery); the print version doesn't do it justice.

There are tens of thousands of period dance videos to be found online, but here are a few of the author and her husband.

Four Eras of Waltz (1815, 1860, 1914, & 2008)

Fox's Trot to Foxtrot (1914 & 2006)

Mazurka & Viennese Waltz (1860 & 2005)

Maxixe to Samba (1914 & 2009)

Lowell's 1914 Tango Trial (The dance clip is from 2010)

Early Waltz, Ragtime Tango & Fox Trot (from 2018 performance)

Portland Fancy —A very popular dance in old Lowell. This clip is from a 2010 event attended by the author and her husband; it has a nice feel despite the mishmash of costumes.

Twirling Jennies runs 228 pages with 350 illustrations and extensive endnotes. This 8.5 x 11 softcover is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Published by Misenchanted Press.